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you can be sure that if you have a machine which designed


All GMS products make a difference with the advanced production systems, long lasting usage and the ergonomic design which makes economical gains to user. GMS products shape the future with high technology strandards.

ROBOBENDER 45S is the exact result of such production and you can see the all technology proofs from bottom to the top of the product.


%95 of the whole production is in GMS factories, Turkey and this enables to decrease the costs.

Servo engine controlled system is using in ROBONDER 45 S and enables maximum power to the machine and minimum energy consumption.

Labor costs decreased to the minumum levels with the design of the machine & efficient bending speed.

PLC screen usage, PLC enables remote connection to the machine and less costs of software.


High quality spare parts and production technics makes more life expectancy in ROBOBENDER 45S

Processed with electrostatic powder coating and enables maximum protection to corrosion resistant.

Galvanized materials used in infeed coveyor in order to corrosion protection.

Rebars movement : Chain drum system, long life expectancy.


Hydraulic Unit, hidden on the below part of the machine and enables movement ability,

Easy to use, user friendly setup and machine diagnostics, easy to assemble & dissamble

Modular system on the machine, machine length can be adjusted & vary due to different spacing requirements in factories and other facilities.

3600 convertible digital control panel enables easy usage to operator.

PLC panel is also very easy to use

Security systems of the machine protects worker health and makes higher protection.


Sensitive measurement with SERVO Engine system and failure rate is almost 2 per thousand.

900 angle bending is possible in 1 second.

Chain drum system makes more movement ability and faster bends, avoid energy losses.

Both hydraulic and pneumatic system is using in the machine and servo controlled system uses these powers from these modes.

Less maintenance cost, easy setup & assembly

Loading rebars also easy to machine, while 1 operator controls the digital panel, also loading can be possible.

With the exact dimension range, the desired bending angle is possible without failure.



PLC system

SERVO engine controlled systms

Hydraulic and pneumatic supportive systems

Gearbox system is efficient

Infeed Conveyor, 14 meters long and 65 cm width has made up with galvanized and consist of two pieces

Easy assembly & dissasemble with nuts system,

Rebars can be placed easily to bending location with the asisstance of hydraulic robotics system for unloading.

The movement of the rebars on the conveyor can be asissted by chained drum system

Infeed conveyors can be produced upon different length & width demands

12 meters length line of the moveable bending machine

Movement can be supplied by gear system

Security barries are used for staff security

If there is an interfere to the movement line while the machine is working, ROBOBENDER 45 S turn off itself automatically & immediately.

3600 convertible digital control panel enables easy usage to operator.

Software is designed for decreasing the user failures to minumum and operate the machine easier.

Due to its PLC panel, ROBOBENDER 45S enables less operating cost and user freindly solutions against its competitors.

Apart from standard bending schemes & shapes, it enables to draw different type of bending requirements, it also enables to save these schemes to control panel. All desired bending angle which drawing to the scheme on control screen enables quick solutions. Also invalid drawings rejected by machine automatically

EMERGENCY STOP button exists for safety & security reasons


Report all bending sizes & quantities.

Measures working efficiency

To be asissted for located of bending machines

Automatic & Manual usage

Less failures with graphical drawings

Faster bendings with its ready bending schemes.

Clarify the desired legth of rebar before bending process

Remote controlled by all over the long distances( with internet ) to check the machine software, loading the software, obtain errors and less maintenance costs.

Consist of two different bending machines, 1 steady bending machine and 1 moveable bending machine.

ROBOBENDER 45 S standard type : Can bend up to Ø42 rebars till 1 meter to 12 meters.

One of the most important feature of the ROBOBENDER 45 S is that moveable bending machine can come up to steady bending machine as bend 1 meters of rebar.


High efficiency working rate without power loss.

Silent work

Stopping without engine brake

Sensitive bending ability & failure rate is almost 2 per thousand.

Special reducers use in ROBOBENDER 45 S.

3 different kick off unit exists in 14 meters movement line, these units are enable not to strecthing of rebars while bending.

These units which are opened by software automatically, can use according to bending length & the position of the bending machine.

The bended rebars will be put to collecting pockets by these units.

3 legged collecting pocket use in ROBOBENDER 45 S as standard type, the number of collecting pockets can vary upon on demand.

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